Windmill Palm

Windmill Palm

With the low temperatures that we have experienced over the past few winters you may want to consider some plants that are still tropical in nature and looks, but can survive the colder weather. The cold hardy Windmill Palm is a very attractive palm that can make it through with no worries. And now is the time to install them so they can get established during our prime growing season.

Windmill palms usually have a very full, yet compact crown of medium to deep green leaves. The three-foot-wide fan-shaped fronds extend from 1.5-foot-long, rough-edged, petioles. If one didn’t know better, you might think the trunk was wrapped in burlap. Most Windmill Palms grow to an average height of 10 to 20 feet tall. One (1) foot of growth or more per year is typical of these trees. Mature trees make an excellent canopy to be planted near pools, Jacuzzis, around decks and patios, etc…It does well in confined areas and is hardy to 10 degrees F. or lower.

For a more mature tree with a thicker trunk, averaging about 5 feet high we can supply and install a thirty (30) gal.

Windmill Palm - 30 gallon

Windmill for you. These palms are affordable, fast growing and will add value to your landscape over the years. These Windmill Palms are available in smaller or larger sizes. Check with us for availability and pricing.

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