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Earn Mad Money from JLC Outdoors!

JLC Outdoors knows, from years of experience, that the best source for new customers is word of mouth, or personal referrals from our established clients. So, if you’re happy with the service we are providing for your property, refer us to a friend or neighbor. If they sign up for regular service, JLC Outdoors, in appreciation for your referral will either apply a credit to your account in the amount of $25.00 or, if you prefer, will mail a check for $25.00 directly to you.*

Or, if you want to accumulate some mad money, JLC Outdoors will issue to you a letter of credit due in the amount of $25.00 for each referral, payable on demand, when you want it, either as a credit to your account or in a check directly to you.**


*Just make sure that the person you refer to us mentions your name. We will give a free estimate on their property and if they sign our standard one (1) year lawn maintenance service agreement, you qualify for your referral payment (s).

** Your account must be up to date and in good standing before a check will be issued. If not, then referral payments will be credited towards your account and any remainder will be issued directly to you.