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Sod Services

What makes J.L.C. Outdoors your best choice for sod removal and installation? Over 22 years in the sod business and thousands of successful installs behind us. At J.L.C. Outdoors sod replacement has always been a large part of our business. During that 22 years we have acquired a lot of experience, which translates “knowledge and expertise” in the sod business. That’s good for us and good for you as well.

Our success begins with our initial meeting with you where we will discuss the best type of sod for your location and immediate landscape environment. We install many different types of sod and will be glad to advise you as to which is more suitable for your property. After a choice is made as to what type of sod is to be installed we will measure the areas receiving new turf and present you with a simple proposal/agreement as to specifications and price. Once we have an agreement then we are under way.

JLC Sod Services

Sod Removal

When our crew arrives at your property on the first day they will remove all existing dead grass and weeds with a sod cutter and haul away all debris. We will hand grade the surface where sod is to be installed to insure that the sod can be put down in an even and consistent manner. At this time we will also run through your irrigation system, locate and flag all sprinkler heads and make sure you have sufficient coverage so that all new sod will receive adequate watering. It is very important to establish a deep and healthy root system for your new turf. A healthy, well established lawn will have much more resistance to chinch bugs, sod webworms, fungus and other common summer pests.

Sod Installation

All of our sod is grown locally and delivered freshly cut from the sod farm directly to your property. This ensures that the sod is fresh and it is usually installed the same day it is cut. Our crews are on the job site to lay out the pallets of sod and to begin the installation process. When the laying of sod is complete it is trimmed where it comes in contact with sidewalks and other hard surfaces and bed lines and tree rings are cut. We turn on your irrigation system to make sure all heads are working properly and aimed in the right direction. We reset your irrigation timer to make sure the new turf receives the proper amount of water. Once the new sod is rooted and starting new growth we will come back and set your irrigation timer back to normal watering times. And you are on your way to enjoying a fresh new lawn.

Our Mission

JLC Outdoors does everything possible to make your re-sod experience a success. We have over 22 years to help make this happen. All our sod is premium quality, grown locally and is cut, delivered, and installed usually on the same day. Our installers are experienced, full time employees and all jobs are set up and overseen by owner / management. Because of the many variables involved, and the need of proper after care, we offer no further warranties.

“Big house or little house, J.L.C. Outdoors has what it takes to help make your house a home.”


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