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Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance

J.L.C. Outdoors Inc.’s Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Division has been providing high end maintenance for homes in the Central Florida Area for over 22 years. With several different levels of maintenance to choose from, we have a plan for most every home.

With our full service plan, we provide weed control for all beds, mow and edge, trim all hedges and shrubs up to a height of 10 feet, blow off all hard surfaces, and take all yard trash and clippings with us. We also have customers who enjoy working in their landscapes. For them we adjust the level of service to fit their requirements.

All the employees in our Landscaping Install Department receive special and continuous training on proper planting techniques for different types of plants and trees, spacing requirements, and watering needs to ensure strong, well rooted, thriving plants or sod for your landscape. We purchase all our plant material and sod from local growers, most of whom we have done business with for many years. That means all plants and trees are handpicked and come directly from the nursery or field to your property for same day installation.

J.L.C. Outdoors uses only the best professional mowers and hand-held equipment to perform work on your properties. All of our crews are equipped with three sizes of mowers, all walk behind, because not all properties are the same. We replace our entire mower inventory every 3 years on a rotating basis to ensure reliability and the most professional cut possible. And we always cut at the proper recommended cutting height for your type of turf.

Blades on all mowers are sharpened daily before they are loaded onto work trailers so as to ensure you receive a clean, healthy cut on grass blades. Edger blades are replaced daily so you get a clean, crisp edging against hard surfaces and around beds where desired. We also make sure we edge “inside” the bed so your flower beds do not grow a little larger each time your property is serviced. Hedge trimmer blades are sharpened so that new growth on your shrubbery is cut, not ripped from the plant. This also helps to prevent browning, or burn, where leaf blades are cut.

We consistently rotate our cutting patterns so as to avoid compaction of the soil by the mowers. Less compaction makes for healthier turf with deeper roots and, can help reduce the persistence of weeds in many cases. Changing patterns also lessens the development of tire ruts, especially in soils where moisture is most always existent. When grass is constantly mown in the same direction, or pattern, the grass blades tend to lie in that direction. By changing on a regular basis grass blades stand upright for a better look and healthier growth.

These are practices that all “quality” lawn maintenance contractors should put into use. What makes J.L.C. Outdoors different and why should you choose J.L.C. Outdoors as your Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance provider? Because we actually practice these techniques every day to the best of our ability and pledge to always do so.

“Big house or little house, J.L.C. Outdoors has what it takes to help make your house a home.”


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