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Mulching your landscape beds plays a vital role in plant health and adds an aesthetic aspect that is very pleasing to the eye.

Some of the immediate benefits of properly installed mulch include:
JLC Mulch
  • Reduction of soil compaction thus allowing for increased water absorption.
  • Buffers rain fall preventing rich topsoil and nutrients from being washed away.
  • Reduces splashing of soil against base or foundation of house during heavy rains.
  • As it deteriorates over time, mulch feeds and sustains soil microbes and earthworms that are essential to healthy soil.
  • Reduces soil moisture evaporation by up to 40% allowing plant materials to survive in periods of drought.
  • Soil temperatures in excess of 85 degrees stunt plant growth and leave the plant material susceptible to deterioration and decay. Mulch reduces soil temperatures by 10-15 degrees, ensuring steady and healthy growth throughout the growing season.
  • Helps to reduce and control weed growth in beds which cuts down on labor spent and leaves more nutrients and moisture for desirable plants.

This is a very basic and cost effective step in protecting your landscape for years to come. We strongly encourage all of our valued customers to make this small investment in their property. Existing mulch should have a minimum of a three inch thick covering.

There are several options for purchasing mulch for your property. Complete supply, delivery, and installation is the preferred option, but for the weekend gardeners, we can supply and deliver the material at very competitive prices. We give free estimates and will be glad to visit your property and calculate your mulch needs.

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