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Spring time is Sod Replacement Time!

Spring time is Sod Replacement Time!

Do you need sod replacement?

If so, now is a great time to replace. Here are just a few great reasons

  1. Temperatures now are warm enough to encourage quick establishment of your new turf while not so hot to cause extreme heat stress. This means less water! Less water used is more money in your pocket!
  2. Moderate temperatures also mean less evaporation. With less evaporation, more
  3. Water gets to the root system of the new sod. This will allow your new sod to develop a deep root system which will give you grass that is more drought tolerant in the summer months.
  4. Replacing your sod now, gives the sod the time to establish well before the height of pest season. A healthy, established lawn will have much more resistance to chinch bugs, sod webworms, fungus and other common summer pests.