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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The month of January is past and so far no horrible freezes, as far as plant damage at least. It looks like some areas may have gotten a little more than others. This is not unusual. Just be sure to resist the temptation to start cutting back or trimming plants where there is damage until after February 15, at which time we are usually safe from further frost damage. If you cut back damaged plants now it can leave them vulnerable to further damage if we do happen to have more frost.

Of course we are always available to come out and evaluate each yard for your trimming and plant replacement needs. Let our professional remedial landscaping crew do it for you. They are well trained in proper trimming techniques and we also take all cuttings and other debris with us when the work is complete so as to leave your outdoors looking fresh and new.

Do you need sod replacement?

If so, any time after February 15th is a great time to replace it. Here are just a few great reasons:

  1. Temperatures are warm enough to encourage quick establishment of your new turf while not so hot to cause extreme heat stress. This means less water! Less water used is more money in your pocket!
  2. Moderate temperatures also mean less evaporation. With less evaporation, more water gets to the root system of the new sod. This will allow your new sod to develop a deep root system which will give you grass that is more drought tolerant year round.
  3. Replacing your sod now, gives the sod the time to establish well before the height of pest season. A healthy, established lawn will have much more resistance to chinch bugs, sod webworms, fungus and other common summer pests.
  4. Best of all you can take advantage of our special prices on sod replacement that are available for the entire month of February. Check our web site www.jlcoutdoors.com under Specials for Sod Replacement Special Prices that are good for the entire month of February.

Starting mid-February each year our call volume really increases. It is a good idea to give us a call now, especially for sod replacement. We will schedule a visit to your property for an evaluation and estimate and get you on schedule for the work to be completed so your lawn and plants are looking their best going into March’s milder temperatures. Of course, estimates are always free at JLC Outdoors. Just fill out the Request a Bid form on any page of our web site or give us a call at 407-595-5818