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Pruning Landscape Trees and Shrubs

Hopefully the hurricane season for Central Florida is over even though the official season does not end until November 30. JLC Outdoors is catching up on getting our regular landscape maintenance customers properties cleared and back on a regular schedule after the recent storms. As usual after storms, large tree damage was most prevalent in the Windermere, downtown Orlando and Winter Park areas. For our established customers we have cut these larger trees out and stacked them in front of the houses for pick up. Property clean ups of course were needed in all service areas. We hope that all our clients in the area are getting back to their pre-storm norms as well. If you still need lawn clean up in the Orlando area give us a call. 407-595-5818.

JLC Outdoors provides a full array of maintenance programs as well as landscape design and install services for the Greater Orlando area. These services include large tree and palm install services, basic tree trimming and thinning along with maintenance of your palm trees and large shrubbery. However, we still have some clients who enjoy working in their yards and for them we are offering the following guidelines for trimming smaller trees and flowering shrubs. For them we provide the following guidelines for the do-it-yourselfer.

Reasons for trimming trees:

  1. To enhance the natural shape
  2. To improve the structure
  3. To make stronger
  4. To allow for easier and safer pedestrian traffic

Never remove more than 1/3 of the branches on any tree or flowering shrub. The leaves on the tree or shrub provide nourishment for the plant through photosynthesis. Leaves also provide oxygen for us to exist while they breath in what we breath out.

Consider when trimming:

  1. Remove all dead branches to help prevent insects and disease from attacking plant
  2. Remove crossing or rubbing branches. Can cause open wounds to the tree
  3. Open crown of tree to allow wind to blow through. Also helps keep insects from congregating and limbs from breaking
  4. Step back from tree and look for balance

Cuts for removing branches should be made just outside the branch bark ridge collar. You will find this where the branch or limb meets the tree. It is evident by the slight swelling ring at this conjuncture. In most instances these cuts can be made with professional pruning loppers. Most reciprocating loppers will cut a branch up to 3” in diameter. For larger limbs a standard hand held pruning saw will do the job. Or, for high limbs and to avoid climbing, a pole saw is recommended. Chain saws, unless you are properly trained in the use of, are not recommended for the average homeowner. In untrained hands they can do more damage than good and can cause serious bodily harm as well. If the job requires a chain saw please give us a call and let us assess the job and advise you if it is in our scope of work.

You should always try to make all cuts in a smooth, clean and even manner. Tools must be properly taken care of and should be sharpened when needed. Tree cuts do not heal. However. when properly done natural processes will take over and form a seal where the cut has been made. Again, this helps prevent disease and insects from infesting the tree.

Pruning sealers are not necessary when trees are properly pruned. As a matter of fact, in some instances they can cause a fungus to develop on the plant.

A good rule of thumb for trimming flowering trees or shrubbery is:

  1. If a tree or shrub flowers before June 1st it should be pruned or trimmed after it flowers.
  2. If it flowers after June 1st, it should be pruned before it flowers.

Palm trees should be trimmed of all dead fronds as necessary as well as seed pods to minimize ground maintenance and promote healthy growth in your landscape. Tall palms usually call for a professional landscaping crew for proper maintenance and safe pruning, especially where ladder work or a hydraulic lift is required.

JLC Outdoors also provides and installs trees and palms of all sizes. We have been providing this service for over 25 years and we are properly equipped and insured for providing large tree and palm sales and installation. Here a just a few reasons for planting trees around your home or office property.

  1. Trees are a great investment for any home or commercial property.
  2. They provide oxygen for our survival while removing carbon monoxide and other pollutants from our atmosphere.
  3. They provide cooling when located properly around our properties therefore saving us dollars in cooling costs for our homes.
  4. They act as buffers to help with noise and traffic pollution.
  5. They increase the value of our properties.
  6. It has been proven that areas populated with trees provide calming and relaxing psychological effects upon our persons.

JLC Outdoors provides professional palm and tree installation and maintenance for the Orlando area, as well as other tree services for clients at their request. If you are not a do-it-yourself person and would like to arrange for us to give you an estimate for your trimming needs please call now at 407-595-5818 or you can CLICK HERE and fill out our Contact Us form to request that work be done.

As a reminder, we are a full-service landscaping company. We have been providing Landscaping in Orlando for almost 25 years. We offer everything from basic lawn mowing to full service landscape maintenance plans in the Windermere, Dr. Phillips’, Winter Park and most Orlando neighborhoods. We also offer landscape design and install services anywhere in the Greater Orlando area.