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Asiatic Jasmine

Asiatic Jasmine

Ground covers are an important part of any landscape design where energy efficiency and conservation is a consideration. With proper selection for specific areas, they can be very efficient in cutting down on heat buildup around the exterior of your home and therefore help reduce the amount of heat absorbed into your home. There are some ground covers that do not need a lot of sun and will grow in shady areas of your yard where sod does not do well. Certain ground covers can be used on slopes to help control erosion problems. They can be planted next to a driveway or walkway to provide a barrier or to discourage traffic patterns and will again help absorb heat from concrete or blacktop. And ground covers, if selected properly for the area, will use much less water than most turfs, once established.

One of the most popular ground covers that we install is Asian Jasmine. We usually plant Asian Jasmine in defined areas to establish large, shady beds where grass is hard to grow because of insufficient sunlight. However, this plant tolerates sun just as well.

It is a dense, fast growing ground cover with small oval leaves that are shiny. With its glossy-textured, dark green foliage Asian Jasmine exudes an atmosphere of calm and coolness and is a welcome addition to any landscape design. It prefers moist, well drained, well prepared soil for best establishment. Once established, it is fairly drought tolerant and should not be overwatered. It requires very little in the way of maintenance as long as planted in a defined area. In most cases Asian Jasmine will climb only if trained to do so.

As a rule this plant is evergreen in our local climate and will tolerate temperatures in the 20 degree F range. It grows to a height of 6 to 12 inches, spreads to 3 ft. plus and should be planted 18’ to 24’ apart. It is dense enough, once established, to discourage most weed growth, although some hand weeding may be required until established.