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Cathedral Live Oak

Cathedral Live Oak

The Cathedral Oak Tree is a Southern Live Oak. It is a cultivar which means it was cloned from a mother tree with the same DNA so as to copy the dense and upper structure of the tree. This tree is exceptional for applications where a consistent look and a tall dense headed tree is desired in the landscape. It is consistent in height and spread whether planning 1 or 50 in the design. Cathedral Live Oak Trees do not require the breadth of space a typical Standard live oak must have and can be planted as close as 30 feet apart. It is perfect for any place where consistency, privacy and shade are desired in the landscape.

Its well spaced branching is complimented by dense, dark green foliage. Being an evergreen it brightens up the otherwise dismal winter landscapes where deciduous trees grow and shed their leaves after the first frost. The Cathedral Live Oak Tree leaves are of a dark green color with a yellow green underside. It is native to the Southeastern United States which means that after they are established, they do well without special watering requirements. It is adaptable to most any soil type and grows well in partial sun to full sun.

Pricing is determined by size. Quantity discounts are available for as little as 2 or more trees