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Florida Flame Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)

Florida Flame Red Maple

Florida Flame Red Maple

This is a Florida Flame Red Maple (100 gal) that we recently installed for a client in the Windermere area. This tree is an example of the excellent size and quality that you will be getting from us. This is a tree that will make an immediate change to the look of your landscape. This tree was planted in this location specifically to provide shade for the front porch from the late afternoon sun. In a few years it will not only provide shade for the porch area but also most of the front of the house.

The Florida Flame Red Maple is a tree that offers some fall color for warm-winter areas. It is a deciduous tree (loses its leaves in the fall-winter) that produces brilliant red foliage in the fall. This tree can grow to over 40 feet in height, with a dome spread of 30 to 40 feet. It can work great to provide shade for your rooftop, or other areas of your landscape, in the summer heat. By shading your roof you cut down on heat buildup in the attic area of your home, which makes it easier to cool your home. In other areas of the yard good shade trees can lower temperatures by as much as 25 degrees F, making for a much more enjoyable day of activities in your outdoor environment. In late fall it sheds its leaves and will let enough sun filter through to warm your home during the colder months.

This tree will do well in a bright, sunny location or in a partially shaded one. It is very adaptable to most soil types. It is fast growing and will grow well even in extreme heat. Once established it has average water needs; water regularly but do not over water. This is also a good street tree for the front of your house. The red maple should be planted thirty to forty feet apart. The fall colors will amaze your friends and neighbors and add charm to your landscape in the fall when the leaves change. Call for sizes and pricing.