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Fruit Cocktail Tree

Fruit Cocktail Citrus Tree

Fruit Cocktail Citrus Tree

Do you enjoy a variety of fresh citrus fruit but don’t have the room for your own personal grove?

Problem solved!

5 citrus fruits on one tree! (Types subject to change. Availability seasonal. Please call for more information.

Get your choice of several different types from one tree. With what they are calling the FRUIT COCKTAIL TREE, a specially grafted citrus tree, you can have almost a year around supply of different citrus. Most trees are grafted with 5 varieties.

5 citrus fruits on one tree!

  • Valencia Oranges (Spring)
  • Navel Oranges (Fall)
  • Honeybell Tangelos (Winter)
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit (Winter)
  • Meyer Lemons (Year Round)

Contact JLC Outdoors about getting your own FRUIT COCKTAIL TREE.