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Mary Nell Holly

Mary Nell Holly

The plants pictured are the actual plants we have available for install on your property.

The Mary Nell is an evergreen of the oak leaf variety and the leaves are a nice shade of dark green year round. When mature, the tree takes on a pyramidal shape and has a dense crown. When flowering in the spring, the blooms are green and white in color. The blooms carry a pleasant fragrance and are inconspicuous to the eye. The Mary Nell has red berries that can create an interest in any landscape; the fruit is fleshy and round.

As well as being a beautiful addition to your landscape, the Mary Nell works well as a border to afford more privacy for your property, block out traffic noise and fumes or as a screen to section off parts of your yard from view. They also work well in blocking the sun from windows or porches while still permitting good air flow. The growth rate is slow; it does well in partial shade to full sun; and adapts to any well drained loamy, sandy, or clay soil types. This is the type of plant that can make an immediate change to the entire look of your landscape.

It has a moderate growth rate, will grow in full sun or partial shade, and is drought tolerant once established. Its looks literally scream tropical, but it can tolerate temperatures as low as 15° F so it is well suited to our recently colder winters… The date palms have the typical diamond-shaped leaf scars on the trunk of the tree, and produce feather-shaped fronds with nasty sharp spines at the base of their leaves. They can grow to a height of 40 feet.

Mary Nell Holly

An Interesting Fun Fact:

For you incurable romantics; The Mary Nell was developed in 1962 at Tom Dodd Nursery in Semmes , Alabama. It was hybridized by Dr. Joe McDaniel, a Horticulturist from the University of Illinois. McDaniel named Mary Nell after his wife.

Sizes Available:

We have these trees available in two beautiful, mature sizes. These are very healthy field grown, ball and burlap, ready to deliver and place in your landscape.